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Welcome, this website was made to display information about the 95 Ethel hills in the Peak District of England. Hopefully it will provide you with all the information you need to enjoy walking/hiking them. Once you've summited the peak, you can log (or bag) it on the website and it will be marked as complete. You can also see how many other people have bagged the peak.

"The Ethels are 95 hills in the Peak District of England, mostly over 400m above sea level but including various prominent lower hills. The Ethels are a tribute to Ethel Haythornthwaite who pioneered the establishment of the Peak District as Britain's first national park in 1951." - Wikipedia

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To use the website, you need to connect your Strava account. This will allow you to see how many Ethels you have bagged and how many you have left to bag. You can also see how many other people have bagged the Ethel. You can connect your Strava account by clicking the button below.

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Ethels.uk is an Unofficial Website for Ethel bagging.
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